• There is a glaring lack of knowledge regarding what human rights are. Most people, irrespective of educational level, do not know what their human rights are. People are aware of many heinous acts that ultimately infringe upon Human Rights such as slavery and human trafficking. However, by educating people on their human rights, Reform Through Education plans to stop the abuse of these rights. One cannot advocate for rights that they do not know exist. Consequently, by increasing human rights awareness and education, Reform Through Education will decrease the number of human rights abuses that occur in the future while concurrently building a better foundation for the future.  People looking to leave a lasting footprint that contributes to a better future can do so by making a financial commitment to the Be A Change campaign and/or by involving friends or family members to get involved as well. The more funds that are available to fight injustice and build a better future and increased numbers of people willing to work with our organization, the more significant our global footprint will be.
  • A current issue that is central to the Be A Change campaign is that schools currently do not teach the youth about their human rights. We are changing the current paradigm as our sponsored school in northern India, Pardada Pardadi, provides a class for the students that teaches them their human rights at a young age. This human rights curriculum continues to be taught as well as how to apply these rights through high school. With the construction of the new building at the Pardada Pardadi school we will be able to teach human rights to and provide a fantastic education to another 3,500 Indian girls who will know their human rights and teach it to others. Also, at the human rights class we teach children about their right of responsibility and the girls complete projects putting each right into action. 
  • We have brought the human rights curriculum to children in 200 other schools as well and seek to grow this number exponentially. All of these children are taught about their human rights including their right of responsibility and they go out and help teach others their rights.  In addition to the educational curriculum provided, we also have human rights videos and images that are available to everyone involved in the Be A Change campaign that brings these rights to life. These materials ensure that everyone, including those that are illiterate, will know their rights and can be utilized by parents to teach their children and grandchildren their rights.


  • The Be a Change Campaign has provided education and support to thousands of people in need across the world. It provides annual funding for a girls school located in northern India, funds a human rights education program based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, provides education and support to numerous organizations and individuals throughout south Asia, funds numerous educational events such as two international summits held in India and Sri Lanka, helps partner organizations with materials, assistance and funding and rebuilt schools in Nepal following the 2015 Nepal Earthquake.



  • The end goal of the Be A Change Campaign is a world where everyone knows their human rights. To achieve this goal, education is paramount beginning with introducing human rights classes in schools to increase awareness of and knowledge in this important subject matter. We have partnered with Youth for Human Rights to offer instructional videos for people to learn their human rights online and have thousands of volunteers who apply a grassroots approach to teach people about their human rights in areas stricken with poverty via posters and printed materials.