Pardada Pardadi Educational Society


Changing the lives of thousands of girls in rural northern India, PPES is a self-developed and self-funded local program. Over 1,300 girls have enrolled with senior classes graduating with top marks. All in one of the poorest regions of the world.

A school in Uttar Pradesh in Northern India, PPES provides 1100 girls a way out of the cycle of poverty, lack of access to education, and low employment prospects. Pardada Pardadi literally means “Great-grandfather / Great-grandmother” as these are the family members who take care of the children traditionally and are revered and respected.

The families of the girls who are accepted into the school make less than US$13 per month (Rs. 600). Thus the US$20 monthly sponsorship goes a long ways towards providing the uniforms, the food, the teachers, and the facilities needed to create the product of these young bright and well-educated young women. They learn to sew their own uniforms, make their own food from the raw materials, etc.

The FHFI vision is to take the phenomenal foundation of success built by the school’s Founder “Sam” Virender Singh, and to help Sam and his great team increase the success of the program through being able to upgrade and expand the facilities for more youth.

Sam has funded much of the costs of the program through his own financial support and some from other organizations. His successes are many.

After 10 years, he has helped girls who have gone on to become nurses, airline stewardesses, and many more professions.

With your help he will get to see many more successes in the years to come. They will be your successes too, if you choose to help.

We chose to offer a 50% sponsorship program for 3 reasons:

1. The US$20 monthly amount is affordable to just about everyone in areas all around the world. And, we expect our sponsors to be from around the world as Human Rights and humanitarian efforts are not unique to any one country or any one society or culture.

2. We also do not want to ever be the sole support for any activity. Each activity should be capable of generating other sources of support to raise the total of what they need. This creates a more sustainable and more self-reliant program.

3. We also never want to support organizations that only focus on sustaining physical life without also providing education as a key factor to break the cycle of poverty. This is the philosophy that teaching someone to fish is more valuable than only giving them a fish to feed them for a day.

Our initial goal is to fund the sponsorship of the current 1,100 girls attending PPES.

That means we need 1,100 people to step up to the plate and help us with just US$20 per month – the cost of one meal or one shoe (not even one pair of shoes in the USA).

Then we will expand the program to other schools as we locate potential partners who share our vision. And, of course, continue to help Sam reach his dream of providing hope to the disadvantaged girls in the second most populated country in the world. One out of every 5 people on the planet lives in India. One out of every 4 people or 25% lives in South Asia. These children are the future and foundation of this society.

Two more exciting points:

1. Some of you have asked about participating at the school itself. Yes, PPES is always interested in having youth (must be minimum 18 years old) volunteers. Volunteers must meet selection criteria. Terms are minimum 6 weeks, 3 months, and up to one year.

get up at four am praying.jpg

2. In 2013 FHFI will be taking a select group of our sponsors on a trip to India to visit the school, see first hand the school, meet the staff and the girls and spend 4 days at the school itself. You will get to see and experience the HEART and soul of a vibrant country. Accommodations will be safe and adequate. More information on this will be in our newsletters.

Think we can make a difference with just US$20 a month? You are very right!